Body Beast Price Slashed Over 50%


I recently started a new 90-day fitness program called Body Beast. It was released last year, but I really had no interest in it until I learned more about it from other people who completed the program. I am on Week 3 and loving every bit of it. The cast members definitely look like a bunch of meat-heads, but what do you expect from a program called Body Beast. I’m sure they are all great guys. You get past it very quickly when you realize this program works and you see results fast.

This post isn’t meant to be a review, but to let you know that the price of this amazing program has been slashed dramatically. I don’t know why, but it has. I’m actually a little annoyed because I just bought it for full price a little over a month ago. It was worth it though. 😀

Here’s the breakdown…

Base Kit
Retail – $89.85 $39.90
Club – $80.87 $35.91
Coach – $67.39 $29.93

Deluxe Kit (Huge Stack)
Retail – $199.95 $149.90
Club – $179.96 $134.91
Coach – $149.96 $112.43

Ultimate Kit (Beast Stack)
Retail – $254.70 $199.90
Club – $229.23 $179.91
Coach – $191.03 $149.93

Challenge Packs
Extreme Supplements Challenge Pack$220 $170
Shakeology Challenge Pack$180 $160