First Time Using Shakeology

I tried my first sample of Shakeology today! If you don’t know what it is, check out my post “What Is Shakeology?”. I got the free samples from my Team Beachbody Coach, Wayne Wyatt. He sent me one packet of each flavor offered by Beachbody, currently Greenberry and Chocalate. Since I have had the chocolate flavor in the past from other companies, I wanted to give this Greenberry a shot first. I brought it to work with my new mini blender and had it as my snack between lunch and dinner. I showed the packet to my coworker and she looked at all the ingredients and reacted with, “this is totally going to make you poop!”. I was even more excited to try it out then, woo hoo!

I mixed the packet with a cup of water and hit the button, but quickly learned a blender isn’t the best choice for mixing powder and water. I did my best to shake it up by hand. Then end result was a chalky, gritty shake. My first reaction was that it looked like pea soup. I didn’t care because I knew this was something that was good for me. So, I grinned and beared it and drank it down. It wasn’t too bad, except for the grittiness. My coworkers said I needed ice and probably some extra ingredients like a banana or something. I knew they were right, so I did some research on the Beachbody site. They have a calendar with recipes for each day for each flavor. I know I’ll make it better next time. Next sample is Chocolate.